Are you a previous student at Fredrikshovs slotts skola? Welcome to our alumnus network!

The word alumnus is latin, and means pupil or minion, and is used when speaking about previous students. An alumnus network refers to an exchange and contact between a school and its previous students.

Fredrikshovs slotts skolas alumni network helps you maintain your contacts from your time at school and also to develop new ones. It could also be an asset for you in your continued career. Fredrikshovs slotts skola wants to be a part of your life long learning, and hopes that you would like to share your experience and knowledge with coming generations of students.

Advantages of the alumni network

  • Possibility to maintain contact with old school mates. Widen your professional network and reach out to alumni working at your dream company.
  • As an alumnus you will receive invitations to events such as lectures, alumnus breakfasts and mingles.
  • You will also receive news about Fredrikshovs slotts skola through our LinkedIn page, Instagram, Facebook and our digital newsletter.

How to join

  • Register by filling out your contact information in the form below.
  • Membership in the alumnus network is free. Remember to keep your email adress updated so you don't miss any invitations!
  • By signing up to Fredrikshov Alumni you approve that Fredrikshovs slotts skola and the foundation Carpe Diem saves above mentioned personal information about you. The information will only be used for Fredrikshov Alumni and will not be given to any third parties.

We look forward to staying in touch with you!