Fredrikshov in numbers

Fredrikshovs slotts skola is a compulsory school where we teach children from preschool class to year 9. The school has been run in the castle of Fredrikshov by the foundation Carpe Diem since 1994.

The school has almost 300 students, which are split into two groups; Fritids/F-5 and 6-9.

Fredrikshov has, thanks to our students’ great results, continuously placed itself over the country average both when it comes to merit rankings and fulfilment of goals.

Our surveys regarding student happiness also show that our students feel safe and secure in school, which we of course are very proud and happy about.

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At Fredrikshov we place great value on mathematics and natural sciences. We also focus on developing the children’s communicational skills, using digital tools, in writing and in speech.

The fact that we are a small school with few students enables our teachers to work with students’ development long term, so that each child can grow their skills and knowledge as much as possible.

We always keep up with the latest educational research from all over the world and apply it in our classrooms, and we place great value on developing our teachers’ competency and methods.