Our education

Proven educational methods

Our educational methods are based on the latest research within teaching and education, which has led us to using methods such as Singapore math and genre pedagogy.

We continuously evaluate and develop our ways of working so to keep us lying in the forefront as one of Sweden’s best schools.

Focus on natural sciences

Right from the start the children are introduced to a scientific perspective on the world. Experiments in physics and chemistry are part of the education from year 1, and the evidence based approach to knowledge will be found in all subjects throughout the years.

Security and a calm learning environment

At Fredrikshovs slotts skola the students can conduct their studies in a calm and peaceful manner. We highly value the sense of security, comfort and a harmonious learning environment.


Our students regularly participate in internationalisation projects, that broaden their awareness of global issues. For example, every year the students in year 6 will go on a class trip, with the purpose of learning more about the natural sciences.

Digital learning tools

Laptops and tablets are a natural part of the students’ days at Fredrikshov, of course without neglecting the importance of using pen and paper. We view modern technology as an important and powerful tool to give the students both practical and theoretical experience with the different subjects.

Student health

The student health team at Fredrikshovs slotts skola helps the students to handle both small and large issues. The team consists of our school nurse, school therapist, special education teacher and principal. A school doctor and school psychologist are also available when needed.

The best school in Sweden

When we started Fredrikshovs slotts skola we had the ambition to become the best school in Sweden. 20 years later we were there – since 2014 our graduating students have had one of the highest average merit ratings in the country.

We want you as a student to experience that same journey during your time with us. The day you receive your final grades we want you to leave our school feeling like anything is possible and like you can achieve anything you want in life.

At Fredrikshov you will share a classroom with the best students and teachers in Sweden. We provide an environment where you will be able to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. And you are welcome just the way you are.