Singapore math – a world leading method

Why do we travel to the other side of the world to get inspiration for our maths education? Well, it is simply because the schools in Singapore are the best in the world at maths.

Ever since the schools in Singapore started using this method of teaching they have been in the top of the yearly PISA and TIMSS school rankings which compare the results among the schools in the world. There are also examples from different schools around the world where the results have risen significantly after having introduced the Singapore method to their education.

Based on modern research

Singapore math is based on modern research about learning and problem solving, not on old beliefs about how children best learn. The method assumes that maths is more than just numbers, rules or formulas. Instead it focuses on teaching the students critical thinking and solving problems.

From concrete to abstract

Through Singapore math we create an understanding in three steps: from concrete, to figuratively, to abstract. First the students will work with physical materials such as blocks and cubes to show a calculation. After that they learn how to interpret problems with the help from mathematical pictures. Finally, they solve the problem using abstract methods, for example by making an equation.

Collective problem solving

We believe that everyone’s maths skills can be developed, as long as we look at each student individually, with their needs and ambitions.

Communicative teaching where the whole class is involved allows the students to reflect and learn from each other. That is why our classes often start with a math problem that the students have to solve together. That way everyone can contribute with something based on their own experiences and knowledge.

Well proven method

The Singapore model is a well proven method for teaching maths and is used in schools all around the world, for example here at Fredrikshov.

Our teachers continuously develop their skills by taking part in courses, to keep up to date with the latest research within Singapore math, but also other educational methods.